Video Friday: New Orleans Bingo Show

Its the five year anniversary of New Orleans being hit by hurricane Katrina. The signs of Katrina are still everywhere in the city and its still a long road to a full recovery. This week’s video is from the New Orleans Bingo Show a local band which combines cabaret, jazz, rock, bingo(;-)) in a stunning live performance usually turning the stage into a crowded mixture of artists, actors, musicians and perfectly planed  madness.  

This video was filmed at the One Eyed Jack’s club, one of New Orleans premiere locations. An old Opera house which usually has a very nice lineup and is definitely worth a visit. The BINGO show perfectly  represents the city of New Orleans and its unique lifestyle. Some members of the Bingo Show, like the leader Clint Maegden are also playing for the Preservation hall jazz band  building a bridge between traditional jazz and “modern” forms of music.

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