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White Hills at Arena Oct. 14th

White Hills are playing at Arena tomorrow, presenting their new album “Frying On This Rock” filled with killer guitar work and fuzzed out psychedelia. The album is out now an Thrilljockey Records. White Hills are supported by Mamiffer and Menace Ruine.

Future Islands – On the Water (Out now)

Future Island’s new Album On the Water dropped this week on Thrill Jockey Records. The Baltimore based  trio’s continues to refine their simple but dramatic synth-pop style. Sam Herring’s distinctive vocals are a bit toned down and matched with the Band’s delicate Synth-work creating this special cinematic energy. Buy On the Water at Thrill Jockey | Itunes Future [...]

Tuesday: Wooden Shjips @ B72 (Vienna)

The Wooden Shjips from San Francisco are playing at B72 this Tuesday, Sept. 20th. The quartet released their third full-length album West this month on  Thrilljockey. West is inspired by the mythology and the romanticism of the American West of the 19th century as described in the Manifest Destiny. Fuzzed-out guitars are accompanied by organ, [...]

Liturgy – Returner (Video)

Black Metal on Thrill Jockey Records? Brooklyn based 4-piece Band Liturgy released their second Album Aesthethica in May. Abstract Metal without the typical accessories like black clothes and face paint, but with musical craftsmanship, let them tap into new audiences . Check out their Video for Returner featuring  mirror-multiplied sequences, hooded figures and cathedrals.