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Recap of 2011

Happy new Year! Well since the flood of Top-of-2011 is nearly over now, here is our little recap of the Year 2011. Since it has been a year filled with tons of good releases and new discoveries it has been difficult to compile a compact or fair top10 list. So we provide a fast forward [...]

Son Lux – Rising: First single from the upcoming album “We are Rising”

The second album of Son Lux after the outstanding “At war with Walls and Mazes” (Video: Break) will be released in April on Anticon. Upfront he released the first Single Rising. There is an interesting story behind the album: “Record an album in 28 Days, just because you can“ The whole album was assembled and recorded in [...]

Albums of the Year: 10 notable Mentions for 2010

It is the time of the year where you apperantly are supposed to look back at the last year and come up with a top-list of last year’s releases. So here is my “best albums of last year which left somehow their footprints in my memory” –  list.  A little bit  Anticon centric , but [...]

Video Friday: Son Lux – Weapons VII

The official video for the Son Lux Weapons EP. WEAPONS VII – Son Lux (Official Video) from anticon. on Vimeo.