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Recap of 2011

Happy new Year! Well since the flood of Top-of-2011 is nearly over now, here is our little recap of the Year 2011. Since it has been a year filled with tons of good releases and new discoveries it has been difficult to compile a compact or fair top10 list. So we provide a fast forward [...]

Doomtree – No Kings

New collaborative album No Kings featuring seven artists from the Minneapolis based Doomtree collective.  P.O.S, Dessa, Sims, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbreak, Paper Tiger are representing the typical electro-beats and guitar driven Doomtree style. Doomtree “The Grand Experiment” by doomtree    

New album: Sims – “Bad Time Zoo”

Sims released his new Album Bad Time Zoo last week on Doomtree. This album is the second full-length release after 5 years since his debut album Lights Out Paris. The title of the album gives a little hint about the sound which is  inspired by African music  like the opener Future Shock,but also quite jazzy [...]