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A Band of Buriers – Filth (Album + Austria Tour)

English alternative folk band A Band of Buriers with their new Album Filth. Toned down instrumentals, very intense cello and ukulele driven spoken word performances,  accompanied by  backing singers dressed in white lace dresses are their signature also on this album.   A Band of Buriers are also going on tour with a couple of upcoming [...]

Diver – Kites (new Album)

The Folk/Pop trio Diver released their full-length debut album Kites today on the Austrian label Schönwetter Records. With a very reduced setup of only acoustic instruments they leave enough room for the voice and lyrics to unfold. The listener gets drawn into a world of insecurity and disorientation in everyday life and the difficulty to fulfill other people’s expectations. A [...]

A Band Of Buriers – Filth (Video)

New Video by British alternative-folk duo A Band of Buriers accompanying their Filth Tour. I like the way the build in their background chorus in their Videos. There are a few upcoming gigs in London and Germany, check the tour page.

KMET – Shoot Me (new album)

Shoot me is the second album from KMET Florian Kmet’s solo project who also plays for lokai & Trio Exklusiv. KMET and his guitar wander trough ballads driven by surrealistic soundscapes between blues and folk and he turns out to be a witty commentator on everyday life. Tomorrow is the free release party at Rhiz. Shoot me is out now on  iTunes | amazon [...]