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Dark Time Sunshine – ANX (New Album)

  The new Dark Time Sunshine album ANX dropped on Fake Four. Onry Ozzborn and producer Zavala deliver an excellent album with a tight production and guest appearances by Aesop Rock, P.O.S (check out Overlordian!) and Busdriver.  ANX is out now, stream the full album below. Yet another great 2012 release!  

Bleubird – Pimp Hand from his new album Cannonball (Video)

New Video from Bleubird’s Cannonball Album. The Super-8 video for Pimp Hand is a somewhat satirical homage to the funky, colorful era of 70′s Blaxplotaiton. Cannonball is out now on Fake Four.    

Astronautalis & Bleubird – European Tour 2012

The European Tour of Astronautalis & Bleubird kicks of today in Paris,  including  4 gigs in Austria (FEB 04: Stadtwerkstatt, FEB 05:  Rhiz, FEB 06: CuntRa and FEB 07:  PMK). Astronautalis should be no stranger to regular readers and released his Album This is our Science last year. Bleubird is going to release his next Album Cannonball (produced by Astronautalis & [...]

Recap of 2011

Happy new Year! Well since the flood of Top-of-2011 is nearly over now, here is our little recap of the Year 2011. Since it has been a year filled with tons of good releases and new discoveries it has been difficult to compile a compact or fair top10 list. So we provide a fast forward [...]