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White Hills at Arena Oct. 14th

White Hills are playing at Arena tomorrow, presenting their new album “Frying On This Rock” filled with killer guitar work and fuzzed out psychedelia. The album is out now an Thrilljockey Records. White Hills are supported by Mamiffer and Menace Ruine.

circle into square – label night vienna

A special treat on Sunday night (Oct. 7th) at fluc vienna. The circle into square label night brings three artists from the label’s lineup to Vienna. cars & trains Portland based multi-instrumentalist cars & trains aka Tom Filepp translates his recordings to the stage with a unique solo set, energetically looping found-sounds and live electronic [...]

Chip Hits The Fan – Chipmusic Festival (22. Sep, Nuremberg)

The protagonists of the Chip Hits The Fan festival rely on vintage sound and graphic chips from old game consoles like Gameboys, Amigas or the Commodore C64 to create their music and visuals. That the results rock demonstrate DEADBEATBLAST (Canada), the Vienna based Gameboymusicclub plus irq7, Sputnik Booster & The Future Posers and back to Newc45tle [...]

A Band of Buriers – Filth (Album + Austria Tour)

English alternative folk band A Band of Buriers with their new Album Filth. Toned down instrumentals, very intense cello and ukulele driven spoken word performances,  accompanied by  backing singers dressed in white lace dresses are their signature also on this album.   A Band of Buriers are also going on tour with a couple of upcoming [...]