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Chip Hits The Fan – Chipmusic Festival (22. Sep, Nuremberg)

The protagonists of the Chip Hits The Fan festival rely on vintage sound and graphic chips from old game consoles like Gameboys, Amigas or the Commodore C64 to create their music and visuals. That the results rock demonstrate DEADBEATBLAST (Canada), the Vienna based Gameboymusicclub plus irq7, Sputnik Booster & The Future Posers and back to Newc45tle [...]

irq7 – Girls ‘n’ Gameboys (free EP)

New free EP Girls ‘n’ Gameboys by Gameboy-artist irq7. Unlike his previous EP It’s not Me, this release contains only one cover and also features a track with vocals, which blend in very well with the quirky Gameboy Sound.  Besides Gameboy-music using LSDj , irq7 is focusing on tiny D.I.Y music-instruments and gadgets which he presents on his blog. [...]

New Patric Catani (Toytone, Very Impossible Person ) Albums

New material from Berlin based producer Patric Catani who works under a countless number of pseudonyms. A lot of you might recall his name from the pre-2000 era of Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) where he released under his name and together with Gina V. D’Orio as EC8OR. After the split with DHR he continued making music as Candie Hank, A*Class (again [...]

Bondage Fairies at Arena on April 17th (Event)

The Bondage Fairies from Sweden are playing tomorrow at Arena Vienna. Expect some serious 8-bit punk rock with a hint of irony and hits like Gay Wedding, He Man or Indie Girl. Get ready for some 11100010010001… Bondage Fairies – 1-0 by Audiolith Their last Album Bondage Fairies – Cheap Italian Wine is available trough [...]