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New Geotic Album – Mend

A really late entry for a 2010 album. Geotic – a project of Will Wiesenfeld better known through his baths project released a new ambient album which has been produced only in a few days. Mend contains 14 ambient tracks perfeclty toned for cold and grey winter days, and btw every song is perfectly timed [...]

Albums of the Year: 10 notable Mentions for 2010

It is the time of the year where you apperantly are supposed to look back at the last year and come up with a top-list of last year’s releases. So here is my “best albums of last year which left somehow their footprints in my memory” –  list.  A little bit  Anticon centric , but [...]

Baths – Lovely bloodflow video / Album review

Los Angeles based artist Will Wiesenfeld released a new video for the song “Lovely Bloodflow” of his album Cerulean. It is the first full length album for his project Baths released on the Anticon label. The video, telling the story of a lethally wounded samurai encountering two ghostly womens perfectly blends in into baths’s sound arrangement. Lovely Bloodflows represents pretty much the [...]