Fettkakao Sampler: Mile Me Deaf – “Call Us Rats”

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Mile me Deaf with their brand new Video for Call Us Rats featured on the Fettkakao Label Sampler. Fettkakao ( =fatcocoa) is a Vienna based indie label (in the truest sense) which often describes itself as a family not a  label. The sampler itself contains exclusive songs and -which is also interesting- label members  covering songs of other members.

Fettkakao Sampler 2011

01) Plaided – Let Go
02) Stefanie Sourial – Hide & Seek
03) Karin Depp – Plateau
04) A Thousand Fuegos – Coma Toes
05) 8 Hours Manatee VS Das Fieber – New Year’s Gift
06) Crazy Bitch In A Cave – Forever
07) Paper Bird – Escape Plans
08) Brooke’s Bedroom – Somewhere
09) Mile Me Deaf – Call Us Rats
10) TIRANA – Red Hills
11) Vortex Rex – Freeway Girl
12) Sex Jams – Gone Chillin’
13) Räuberhöhle – I’m Not Part Of The Shit
14) Gurlfriends -Treehuggers
15) Andreas Erstling – Autolied


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  1. kelly writes:

    i love this guy with the fur in his face!

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