Event: Rummelsnuff at Rhiz this Friday

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Rummelsnuff, German EBM artist, strongman and bouncer in Berlin’s legendary club berghain, sets sail again for a tour. On friday he performs his unique mixture of EBM and seaman’s shanties at club rhiz. The captain’s new Album Himmelfahrt is out now on Out Of Line Music.

Tour dates:

31.08.2012 WIEN – Rhiz

01.09.2012 KASSEL – K19: Summer Stomp

02.09.2012 JÜTERBOG – SPIRIT from the Street Festival

09.09.2012 DEUTZEN b. Leipzig – NCN Festival

20.09.2012 HANNOVER – Engel 07


22.09.2012 MÜHLBERG/ELBE – Jugendclub Fichtenberg

28.09.2012 BUCHLOE-LINDENBERG (Allgäu) – Hirsch

29.09.2012 METZINGEN – (b.Stuttgart) – MSC Thing

30.09.2012 AUGSBURG – Spectrum Buy Tickets

06.10.2012 DRESDEN – Scheune Buy Tickets

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