Cherry Sunkist – Projection Screens

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Cherry Sunkist releases her second album Projection Screens on the Viennese Comfortzone label which is also the homebase of artists like Mika Vainio or Crazy Bitch in a Cave.


Armed with her Voice, guitar, synthesizers and drumcomputer Cherry Sunkist creates soundscapes not songs. Transformed, twisted drone-like pieces with stumbling beats but also a hint of Groove and Pop.

“The idea was to work with huge numbers of distortions amongst other components including down sampling etc. and then to alternate all of those with supposedly sweet elements”, says the artist.

Check out the Video for Glass - another song from the Album.


Cherry Sunkist – Projection Screens is available now on Soulseduction and there is also a free relase party at Rhiz on May 26th.

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