Baths – Lovely bloodflow video / Album review

Los Angeles based artist Will Wiesenfeld released a new video for the song “Lovely Bloodflow” of his album Cerulean. It is the first full length album for his project Baths released on the Anticon label. The video, telling the story of a lethally wounded samurai encountering two ghostly womens perfectly blends in into baths’s sound arrangement.
Lovely Bloodflows represents pretty much the sound of the whole album: looped broken beats, various noises fading in and out plus vocals between falsetto and beeing toned down – nearly hushing – adding sometimes intensity, sometimes unrest to his sound sculptures.

Baths – “Lovely Bloodflow” from anticon. on Vimeo.

You can listen  to the whole album at MBV but you should save some time for that to really get into the album (and every song is streamed with no fast forward option).

Baths – Cerulean
(anticon 2010)

1.Apologetic Shoulder Blades
2.Lovely Bloodflow
6.Rafting Starlit Everglades
8.You’re My Excuse To Travel
9.Rain Smell


I think this album can – and maybe should be – considered as an experiment. There are lots of different styles and different approaches on songs in this album. Altough in some songs like Lovely Bloodflow and You’re my Excuse to Travel the vocals seem to be missplaced and not hitting the tone of the whole song. Departure, Rain Smell, Hall or Aminals are definitely highlights of the album where he hits a perfect balance between the sound and the vocals, really sucking me in into the songs. This is nevertheless  a very promising debut album and I am definitely looking forward to hear more of baths.


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