History of the Future – The world in 100 Years

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“Everyone will have his own pocket telephone that will enable him to get in touch with anyone he wishes. People living in the Wireless Age will be able to go everywhere with their transceivers, which they will be able to affix wherever they like— to their hat, for instance …“
Robert Sloss:  “
The Wireless Century,” in: “The World in 100 Years,” Berlin, 1910

A currently ongoing exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz deals with the ideas visionaries  had for the future regarding our society and technology over a 200 year timespan.

The first part deals features French writer, illustrator and caricaturist Albert Robida (1848–1926) and Belgian visionary Paul Otlet (1868–1944) and their dreams for today’s world.

Albert Robida 

“Albert Robida displayed astounding foresight in his descriptions and graphic renderings of technological and sociopolitical developments. And, in doing so, he did not fail to cast a critical eye on things to come and to point out the dangers accompanying them. The subjects he focused on—for instance, networked (interpersonal and human-machine) communication, the population explosion and the food problems it yields, architectural & traffic planning concepts—are no less highly charged now than they were 100 years ago.” – AEC

Guerre Infernale by Pierre Giffard, illustrated by A. Robida, published by Vaugirard in 1908.

Paul Otlet 

Albert Robida designed an entire futuristic universe in his books and drawings. Paul Otlet, on the other hand, focused on making knowledge available to all humankind. Together with Nobel Peace Prize winner Henri La Fontaine, Otlet founded the Mundaneum, a universal library that was the first „analog“ search engine long before the advent of Google, Wikipedia and Amazon. Free and equal access to knowledge is another issue that is as relevant now as it ever was.” – AEC 

The second part “Next Ideas” deals with the visions of todays designers for the next 100 Years.

WHAT: The World in 100 Years … History of the Future
WHEN: June 16th – September 19th 2010
WHERE: Ars Electronica Center Linz

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