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Christmas Video Friday: Misery Bear’s Christmas

No music video today, but some serious christmas feelings with this little fella. Like the kdb I’m sending u some Christmas Greetings through this little video of BBC’s Misery Bear. And Dude, He is taking his name serious. Hope you got some friends to celebrate – Have fun

8 Bit City Maps

An interesting project creating 8 bit street maps for popular cities using openstreetmap data and a custom rendering engine taking you back to the good old days of the C64 and NES. openstreetmap vs. 8bitmap (Austin, Texas) Currently included cities are : London, Austin, Seattle, NYC, Amsterdam, Washington DC, Berlin, Detroit, San Francisco. But since it [...]

Colors, Colors, Colors

The author of the XKCD comic opened a survey a few months ago in order to name all colors of the RGB color space. You can still take the survey for fun here but be warned it keeps asking you to name colors forever which might challenge your mental fitness. This Blog post summarizes his finding after 150.000 [...]

live trainmaps of london underground system offers a live map of the positions of all london underground trains in near real time. The practical use might be not that big – but it is a impressive technology mash up. But with some additional logic traffic jams or problems could be detected way before you get the public announcement from the transportation [...]