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Quintron’s Singing House

Mr. Quintron organist and inventor from New Orleans is known for creating his own instruments. After the light controlled drum machine Drum Buddy, which plays an important role in his own releases, here is a slightly bigger one. His house in New Orlean’s 9th Ward was outfitted with different sensors senitive to wind,raindrops or the ambient light. [...]

Fractals – The art of roughness

“The most important thing I have done is to combine something esoteric with a practical issue that affects many people.” - Benoit Mandelbrot Benoit Mandelbrot gave a talk recently about his work on fractals and his more recent approach on using fractals when analyzing the  stock market behavior. A fractal is “a rough or fragmented geometric shape [...]

Vinyl -> Laptop -> iPad?

Berlin based music producer Richie Hawtin’s gear has been stolen recently in France, aside from the usual Macbook Pro it also includes 2 iPads.  Apparently Apples new product made it’s way already in the hands of some of the top electronic artists. You can see the 2 iPads in this video showcasing griid a modular controller [...]