Archives for the Month of September, 2011

Video Friday: Com Truise – Brokendate

The new Video for Com Truise’s Brokendate from his Album Galactic Melt premiered today on Stereogum. Pretty cool Tron, Blade Runner themed video – it even has a C64 in it… Com Truise – “Brokendate” from stereogum on Vimeo.

Vienna /slash filmfestival, New Mediengruppe Telekommander Video

The second installment of the Vienna /slash fimfestival starts tomorrow. The following 8 days the festival shows 30 horror, slasher, zombie, whatever films ranging from festival opener Attack the block or John Carpenter’s The Ward to the low-budget gems of Herschell Gordon Lewis. Check out the full filmlist here. While releasing the post, German duo [...]

Killed by 9V Batteries – Track To The Crux (Video)

While Wall Street is currently under pressure from #OccupyWallstreet, Austrian Band  Killed by 9V Batteries released their new Video for “Track To The Crux”. The Video really feels like a total flashback: Think of old Movies like Wall Street or The Firm and the Reagan Era in general . The new Album The Crux by Killed by 9V Batteries [...]

Tuesday: Wooden Shjips @ B72 (Vienna)

The Wooden Shjips from San Francisco are playing at B72 this Tuesday, Sept. 20th. The quartet released their third full-length album West this month on  Thrilljockey. West is inspired by the mythology and the romanticism of the American West of the 19th century as described in the Manifest Destiny. Fuzzed-out guitars are accompanied by organ, [...]