Archives for the Month of December, 2010

Beans – Deathsweater. Upcomming album on Anticon

RCDLBL featured the first track of  the upcoming album End It All from Beans which will be released on Anticon in february.  I guess there is no need to introduce his old group Anti-Pop Consortium. Beans teamed up with several producers from the anticon universe (Tobacco, Son Lux) as well as other producers like Sam Fog of [...]

Wye Oak – Civilian from their upcoming Album

Wye Oak from Baltimore are really creating a lot of buzz right now with their title song of the forthcoming Album Civilian which will be released in March 2011 on Merge Records. ” Wye Oak wrote what became Civilian between December of 2009 and July of 2010. The songs “are, as a whole, about aloneness (the positive kind), [...]

Video Friday: Balam Acab – See birds

Balam Acab with See Birds (moon) from the See Birds EP. This is not an official  video but it pretty much hits the spot. balam acab – see birds (moon) from allblurry on Vimeo.

Skyrider Mixtape

The Skyrider band , well known through the collaboration with indie-hip-hop artist MC Sole, released a Mixtape accompanied by a 32 min Musicvideo. You can watch the video (in 3 parts) on Youtube.