Archives for the Month of June, 2010

Colors, Colors, Colors

The author of the XKCD comic opened a survey a few months ago in order to name all colors of the RGB color space. You can still take the survey for fun here but be warned it keeps asking you to name colors forever which might challenge your mental fitness. This Blog post summarizes his finding after 150.000 [...]

New Video and Album by Sage Francis

Video for “The best of Times” by Sage Francis from the new Album “LI(F)E” which is out now on SFR. A European Tour is planed, but apparently he is not coming to Austria this time.

Spotlight: Neon Squid Autopsy (NSA)

Caught his live-set  at club rhiz last night at the Rokko’s Adventures release party. Sounds like: Techno Animal,Scorn,…. Heavy Beats and distorted bits and pieces of vocals and other samples in an intense sound collage. Web | Listen

Some tips for the upcoming weekend – Vienna area

Thursday, 24.06.2010 Kenny Larkin (Detroit Techno)Friday, 25.06.2010 Block Party Kirchengasse (Shopping, music)Saturday, 26.06.2010 Astrofonik Label Tour Korneuburg (tekno,frenchcore…)Sunday, 27.06.2010 DMVA at  Donau Insel festival (Electro) 23.06 – 27.06.2010 EKH festival