Young Fathers – Deadline

New addition to the Anticon roster. UK based group Young Fathers are releasing their EP TAPE ONE through Anticon on November 12th. The 3 guys from Edinburgh deliver electro-infused hip hop tracks and also showed their live qualities opening up for Why? on their UK dates.

White Hills at Arena Oct. 14th

White Hills are playing at Arena tomorrow, presenting their new album “Frying On This Rock” filled with killer guitar work and fuzzed out psychedelia. The album is out now an Thrilljockey Records. White Hills are supported by Mamiffer and Menace Ruine.

Sole – The Untouchables


New single from the upcoming album A Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing by sole. This is the first full length album from sole in seven years dealing with resistance, power, global revolution, philosophy and is named after a letter by Marx. The new album drops on November 13th and is available for preorder here.


The Untouchables by sole… (free download inside)

circle into square – label night vienna

A special treat on Sunday night (Oct. 7th) at fluc vienna. The circle into square label night brings three artists from the label’s lineup to Vienna.

cars & trains

Portland based multi-instrumentalist cars & trains aka Tom Filepp translates his recordings to the stage with a unique solo set, energetically looping found-sounds and live electronic drumming with layers of vocal harmonies, viola, glockenspiel, trumpet, synthesizer, and melodica. He founded and runs the label/magazine Circle Into Square to enables like minded artist to release their music. His new Album We are all Fire is out now.

Nations by carsandtrains



The Viennese trio theclosing is a music and art group consisting of Daniela Auer, Alexander Hengl and Lukas Lehner. The three have been working together since 2004 towards the goal of making beguiling and original electronic music that evades easy genre classification and mixes analog and digital sources, including self-made samples, found sounds, and field recordings. Their self titled debut album is available on circle into square, you can also get their EP The Way to M as free download.


theclosing – the way to M by theclosing

Big Spider’s Back

Beginning as a bedroom recording project in Seattle over the summer of 2007, electronic artist Big Spider´s Back combines haunting vocals with swirling layers of lo-fi psychedelia, synthesizers and field recordings. His debut album, Memory Man, is out now on Circle Into Square.


Big Spider’s Back – Adder Of All (Single) by Circle Into Square